Abbi is a filmmaker, editor, music curator, and visual artist from Washington, D.C. currently based in Brooklyn, NY.
Abbi recently completed a B.A. in Film Studies and African-American Studies at Wesleyan University. She has directed music videos for independent artists exploring sexuality, gender and black womanhood with an eye for striking compositions. Her award-winning latest project, a 12-minute short film entitled "Linked", is currently being submitted to festivals across the country.  
Having worked for both trailblazers in independent film distribution (MUBI) as well as seminal institutions in nonfiction storytelling (PBS), Abbi has a breadth of experience and a passion for storytelling that she brings to every project she embarks on. 
She currently is an assistant editor at Geraghty Creative, working on realizing the visions of groundbreaking companies like Architectural Digest, The Knot, Manscaped, and more. 
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